Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ni Aaja Veh !

A sudden trip
A protective talk
And a scare of a flight,
That reconfirmed fears.
Music in my ears
With no sleep in the eyes
Welcome to the land of heart and chaat!

Long days and longer nights
So much activity, yet empty minds!

They drink, they make merry
We mollycoddle, we screw up.
They eat, they sleep
We plan, we weep.
Yet within those gorgeous marble walls
We speed our way through Canadian balls.

Then Moet and moi fly hand in hand
To touch base on the Bolly land.
Some more smiles, a lot more fun
The stress has gone, and love’s just begun.

Here…Comedy gets a dark face
That loves to hate
And hates to love
While Beauty gets an ugly face
That only sulks and loves to scare.

Office seemed like a distant dream,
When the smell of the lobby made us dizzy
We were in fact the welcoming committee…
Who welcomed even a thank you meal :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

And then there were these...

  • A long rainy Sunday with DDLJ on the television
  • The perfect shrug that goes with most office-unfriendly shirts
  • The possibility of Goa. Yet again.
  • Strawberry yogurt + Modern Family
  • Knowing that work will be busier than ever
  • Blasting ‘Switty Switty’ on random evenings
  • Mommy’s perfected bread-pulao
  • Finding that lost white shirt after an entire year
  • Smell of a new book on my bedside stand
  • Hugging the same old friends
  • Big fat yearbook!
  • Adu chatting with the fish in my room
  • The snooze phenomena
  • And...the waves in my hair

P.S. – I have dreaded and loved my ride back home for this entire Ganpati time. I love to see the beautifully lit city, the disco music blasting from within pandals or even right next to my cab. But I have underestimated my travel time, each time L
Will the rains really go away with the Raja ? Rains make September look pretty. I say stay till October at least...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I have no title...

When the prefect ends, what do we get?
Do we realise that it was not so perfect after all...
Do we try and be enthusiastic about the current not-so-perfect?
What is perfect anyway?
I used to think it’s a state of mind. But now I am convinced it’s a habit.
If I am relatively happy, and I stay that way for a fair amount of time, then I will probably call it perfect.
We are scared to let go of this perfect. Not because we won’t be happy again.
But may be because we are scared to invest the ‘habitual time’ in it, all over again!

I am happy today. Not jumpy happy. But ‘at peace’ happy.
So many things and so many people to be thanked for this.
Especially my stupid birthday :P

P.S. – That Girl in Yellow Boots out tomorrow. Disturbing yet a very interesting watch!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hello :)

Am I the twisted one or just the lost one?
Am I the smart one or the naive one?
Am I cold or just plain scared?
Am I peaceful both inside and outside?
Am I sad to have lost or happy to have regained?
Am I so sulky that I don’t know how to smile?
Am I not as vanilla as I think I am?
Am I actually an impatient driver?
Am I even bothered by any of these questions?

I think not. But it is random food for thought. Keeps me entertained on days like these.
To be honest, I am not bothered by anyone’s perception. At least not bothered enough to action a change in behaviour.
I do feel. I do get hurt. I do like happiness. I sure am rude and blunt. And it’s all in good spirit. It’s how I am wired.
Trust we are good J

Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Saturday after long...feels like a Sunday.

Crowded drives
Radio by the side
Light in the head
Smile on the face
Friends to meet
Talks to talk
News to share,
With hope in the heart.

Long felt hugs
Long seen smiles
Missed those days,
To be relived every now and then.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Skip. Reverse.

I just read the last few words on a friend’s blog ‘Being Replaceable’. Coincidently, I have been thinking about ‘being replaceable’ since last night. Funny I read it now.

I don’t know what it is about the word replaceable that makes me uncomfortable. In the retail sense of the term it’s supposed to be a good thing. However, in my mind, I feel it takes away the value of everything/everyone.
I don’t want anything to be replaceable. I like a sense of constance. Every important thing or person in our lives is theoretically irreplaceable. In reality, it may work out differently.  So let’s make a pact – to not replace things or people for the fun of it. That’s just mean. Why replace them first then cry about the memories. Fuck the memories. Enjoy the present continuous.

May you never be replaceable!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Hi !
I have a sudden urge to do the following things:
  • Switch off my phone; sleep now; leave home in the morning; and use only the PCO to connect with those who need to know my whereabouts. Full 24 hours of pull approach as far as contacting me is concerned. No pushing, calling, or beeping!
  • Watch 4 back-to-back films. I am in this business, and I have so much to catch up on, this particular month.
  • Go to Anando Spa for a three day sojourn with a bum-chum.
  • Read. Read. And
  • Behave with people the way they behave with other people. The sound of this is petty, but personal experience says – It works!
  • By now, my urges don’t seem sudden or urgent at all. But I have a lot of pending thoughts in my head. So will mention them anyway.
  • Yell out to some people to get a grip or get their fucking difficult self out of my life. Or more importantly, out of my mind. Which is more a call-to-action for me than anyone else I suppose.
  • Play loud chhamiya music and dance all night. I love drunken dancing. It’s the best medicine for my mind and body, every once in a while.
  • To smile more at my Parents and yell less at my Mom.
  • To love who I want to anyway. Who cares what they think or want.
Swaaha for all of the above.
< Swaaha story some other time >